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The Scotch 3M Chameleon tape dispenserUmevoice Bone Conduction Boom Headset, portable air conditioner, Apple iPhone 5c case, and a tutorial about how to shoot compelling photos for eBay.

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IMPORTANT NOTE!: This article about the Ume Voice Bone Conduction Headset with noise-cancellation mic was first written as a PR piece and was featured on UmeVoice’s Web Site..

I dealt directly with the President of that company to write this article at his request, based on having previously reviewed their consumer-grade noise-cancelling headsets for another site..

So, I can write Public Relations (“PR”) press releases as well as reviews, thus this article was originally a PR piece, which I later re-labelled as a review for the purpose of adding to my own site. 

If your company produces and sells a tech product of almost any kind, including consumer electronics and accessories, CDs, DVDs, downloadable or on-demand films, and / or rather esoteric items like this expensive, military-grade headset, I can write Press Releases for you.. I am NOT limited to only writing product reviews

Let’s start out with one of my relatively short, recent reviews of a stylish man’s jacket I often wear.  There are links to the other reviews and a tutorial about how to shoot good photos for eBay auctions.  (Please note: I no longer use the Sony Mavica floppy-disk-based camera mentioned in the tutorial, although I still own it and it still works; currently, I use a more modern Olympus compact digital camera that saves photos to Olympus xD cards).

Port Authority MRX Jacket review: stylish…lots and lots of pockets…front zipper problem

A friend of mine who owns and operates a company that puts computer-stitched corporate logos, or any kind of logo, on clothing, sent me one of these a few years ago.. I had never worn it until my last “casual” jacket started falling apart, so I paid nothing for it. I wish I could take the corporate chest logo off, since it’s a company for whom I used to work, and they canned me for no reason other than I was “too expensive,” so walking around advertising them does not give me the warm fuzzies. I suppose I could take a black Sharpie and just neatly “paint” over their logo.

Port-authority-mens-jacketI MOSTLY like the MRX…especially since it’s black, it doesn’t show dirt. The gray inserts on the side give it an extra touch of flair…it’s not too warm, unless it’s really hot outside, since it’s black, it absorbs heat (you wouldn’t want to wear one of these in, say Phoenix, in the summer)…and not too light, like a cheap, thin windbreaker, but the best thing about it are the number of pockets.

I carry a LOT of stuff around with me, and I absolutely refuse to wear a “belly bag” or carry a man’s “purse.” The jacket has two capacious outer slash pockets with velcro closures, so your stuff can’t fall out. There’s a red-highlighted zippered pocket on the left sleeve, perfect size for a cell phone, pack of smokes, bottle of pills, or whatever, and another vertical pocket on the inside, to the right, also with a velcro closure, that holds plenty of other stuff.

This is a very high-tech-modern, stylish jacket. the mesh lining is not padded, like a winter jacket, and it’s also not removable, but it’s comfortable…not too heavy…not too light…at the bottom, sewn into the inside hem, is a built-in red elastic stretchy strap, kinda like a bungee cord, with two inch-long black handles, one on each end. I’m not sure why I’d want to use that, nor even why it’s there, but it’s an interesting feature…maybe its purpose is obvious, or maybe I’m just gettin’ old ;-)..

I’ve gotten some complements on the jacket from strangers, and the occasional alien life form. The ONLY problem I’ve had with it is that the front zipper simply will not work correctly, the zipper pull just won’t connect to the zipper starter thingie (technical term). I don’t think I’m a total idiot, and it doesn’t look bent nor damaged. I simply can’t get it to make a connection to the zipper. I’ve tried it with the jacket both on and off, studied it close-up, tried it 2093820938209381 times, and it simply will not work.. no idea why.

Other than that, the MRX is modern-looking, stylish, comfortable, and I especially like the number of pockets it has, if I didn’t already make that point enough times 😉 ..

I’d give it a conditional thumbs up because of the front zipper problem, (another reviewer also mentioned the same problem, so maybe it’s endemic to all of them) but then I normally don’t zip up or snap shut whatever casual jacket I’m wearing anyway, so it’s semi quasi pseudo non-problem problem if you know what I mean.

I’ve owned a bunch of Port Authority casual jackets, and I like their style, and especially the number of pockets they put in them. Okay, I think I made the “lots of pockets” point clear enough 😉

Thank you for taking your time to read this review and the others here. –Harv