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For example.

Review: Scotch/3M Chameleon Tape Dispenser

Harv Laser Review: Scotch 3M Chameleon tape dispenser

Cute product but it’s not weighted so it requires both hands to use.. it’s supposed to change colors when held, but I’ve never seen it do that. I just used up the roll of tape that came inside it, but there’s no place inside it to hold a spare roll, so I had to buy one. The dispenser always feels to me like the tabs in slots on its base are going to break when it has to be pulled off the unweighted base in order to open it to get the first roll started, or put in a new roll and it’s VERY difficult to see how much tape is left. I have a decades-old magic tape dispenser that is heavily weighted so one can use it with one hand–it also holds a spare roll, has a non-slip rubber pad on the bottom, and a clear, pop-off lid. It may not be cute, but it’s functionally highly superior.

I’d rate the Chameleon high for cuteness, but low for construction quality. Kids would probably love it for the cuteness, and it’s definitely a conversation piece, but it should be weighted, have a non-slip pad on the bottom, and hold a spare roll of tape.

I’m giving it a low rating for all these reasons and a “no” recommendation, unless you’re a parent whose kid(s) would love it. The yes or no recommend choice should also have a “maybe” or an “it depends.”