Hello, my name is Harv Laser. I have been a self-employed journalist since 1985 and have had over a thousand articles and product reviews published in sixteen different print magazines and web sites.

I started out back in 1985 writing about Amiga computers for over a dozen different print magazines. At one point I was literally writing reviews for a dozen different print magazines simultaneously!

I have vast command of the English language and know how to write, proofread and edit a compelling review of your product(s) to attract consumers to it.

I’ve been quoted in Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Wired magazine.

After Commodore went out of business in 1993, the Amiga line of computers became a cult product (believe it or not, a lot of people still use them!), so I switched to writing about PalmOS devices, starting with PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and PalmOS Treo smart phones, which, pre-date the iPhone, and at one time had over 90% of the USA smartphone market. I reviewed countless apps and accessories for Palm PDAs and Treos, and still own a lot of them.

Palm was shut down, and went out of business, so I had my two PalmOS phones taken off my carrier, Sprint, and replaced them with an iPhone 5. I have used dozens of different iPhone apps and accessories. I can say with some authority that I know the junk from the gems.

I specialize in reviewing and writing articles mainly about consumer electronics, software, and accessories, but I also have vast knowledge of many other types of products, such as collectible coins (American and foreign), small appliances for the home (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), art and collectible art books, comic books of all types, Windows computer accessories and add-ons (hard drives, mice, Bluetooth accessories, you name it), HiFi equipment, Vinyl LPs, CDs, and digital downloads of music and spoken word media.

I am a graduate of the class of 1972 from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and hold a degree in Art History and another in Journalism.

I am available to review your product after I receive a sample of your product.

You send me a sample of your product(s) via any well-known carrier you prefer to use (USPS, UPS, FedEx, and so on) and provide me with a tracking number so I can follow it and know its arrival time. I then evaluate your product, which can be a simple or a complex procedure depending on what it is.

I can digitally photograph your product or make “screen grabs” if it’s software, to flatter it, or you can provide your own “beauty shots” which you email to me, or send via DropBox. If I have to photograph it myself, I am very well-versed in the use of image processors to clean up digital camera photographs.

As long as I understand your product and its purpose, I then know all the right questions to ask about it. I use it and I write a review, which is published on this site.

You pay me for publicizing your product on your behalf. The rate will vary depending on the length of the review, and our negotiation. I can write short reviews (500 words or less) or medium length reviews (about 1000 words) or very long (2000 words or more) reviews and articles.

It all depends on the complexity of the product(s), and how long it takes me to examine it, read its manual or user guide, put it to use, and then pound out a very well-written and proofed review of it.

I will point people towards your company web site, or to any mass merchandiser you choose where your product is available, or to you for direct purchase.

I pride myself on the honesty of my reviews. You’ll find some sample reviews already on this site for your reading pleasure, to get a feel for my writing style.

This site is expected to have very high placement in Google search results and high rankings in other search engines. Your product will be exposed to millions of people who will come to this site and read about and see it.

Many companies, from small, even down to one person, to huge, with thousands of employees, do not have their own Public Relations department to generate reviews. That’s why I’m here–to put an honest review of your product in front of consumers and hopefully generate sales and profits for you.

If I need answers to questions about your product, I will contact you either by email or by phone, (phone is much faster), and ask you all the right questions. I’ve been doing this for many years and have thousands of industry contacts.

There are some things which for which I will NOT write reviews. If your product is on my no-no list, I’ll let you know.

Although I have no children nor grandchildren, I can even review toys, both modern and “vintage. I’ve written over a dozen software and hardware manuals for all kinds of consumer goods.

My specialty is reviewing consumer electronics. To be able to do this, I must have the product in-hand to study, evaluate, and then compose a very well-written review with photographs of your product.

I use computers equipped with Windows 10 and Norton Internet Security. For smartphones, I own and use an iPhone 5.

I will keep the product, unless you want it returned after I have posted its review. In that case, you must include a pre-paid and addressed return label with a tracking number so I can return it to you.

I look forward to offering my services and talking with you about meeting your goals.

–with all kindest regards, Harv Laser