Random comments in no particular order. Unlike the product photo, the case does not come in a box, but in a sealed cellophane bag, at least mine did. You’re paying about six bucks for what is probably a dime’s worth of material, but buy an identical case at a big box store or from Apple and you’d most likely pay thirty bucks for it. The case takes about two seconds to install on the phone.

Harv Laser Review: Apple iPhone 5c rubber bumper caseIt is NOT hard plastic, but textured semi-squishy silicone rubber (I’m guessing). It fits the iPhone 5c tightly and PERFECTLY. This model iPhone has a very slippery plastic case, so this skin case gives it a more secure, grippy feel in-hand, and adds some protection. There is no “screen cover / protector” included. The holes in the back could be there either to let the phone’s huge battery dissipate heat, or simply a cutesy design detail, or both.

The cut-outs are all perfectly placed. The side and top buttons are covered by molded bulges in the skin case. I ordered it on 01 January, 2015, and it was delivered to my door by a young woman wearing an Amazon logo shirt and cap mid-afternoon on 05 January, 2015 (I bought another product along with this case and they came together in the same box). I didn’t know Amazon has its own delivery vehicles, apparently in limited areas so far. It’s been on my phone for a few years, and it gets slightly dirty after time, but it’s easy enough to pop it off the phone, wash it, shake or towel it dry and put it back on the phone without doing any harm to it.

Since the iPhone 5c’s battery is sealed inside its body, I see no reason to ever take off the skin case. Nothing is “perfect” but so far, so good. My phone is blue, so I bought the blue case.